"Wayne, it's not often that I have good things to say about some of the vendors we have to work with; I set expectations incredibly high. It's my pleasure and with great enthusiasm to make it widely known how far you have exceeded any expectations I could have placed. I wish there were more folks out there like you."
- HIS Manager, Chicago based hospital

"VM has been extremely helpful for our go lives and we would not have been able to deal with it all without all your support and help."
-IT Director, Illinois based hospital

"I need to send you a HUGE kudos for coordinating these recent service calls with Wayne at VM. He's so easy to work with and is by far the most thorough technician we have had to work on all models of the carts we have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- IT Manager, Chicago based hospital

"Very impressed with VM's professionalism and consideration. Even though we are just a small clinic, they went all out to provide for our needs. Thanks again!"
- Procurement Manager, Michigan based clinic

"Thanks for all your assistance with our cart issues. I appreciate all your customer service and know we'll be doing business for a long time, because of your level of service and expertise."

- Biomed Manager, California based hospital

"We are very pleased with the partnership we've got going with VM Electronics. Your service has been outstanding."
- IS Manager, Illinois based hospital

"Thank you Wayne and Ned for the awesome work, work ethic and camaraderie assisting us with the project. We could not have been successful without VM. It was a pleasure, as always!"
- Project Manger, Pennsylvania based IT company

"​Thank you so much for your time and work on these. You guys have been a TON of help since day 1. I appreciate it."  
​- Clinical Engineer, Nebraska based hospital

"Wayne came today and got this fixed very quickly and efficiently. Thanks for sending him as he has been one of the best techs we have worked with. This was a welcome change. Thanks again!"
- Network Specialist, Illinois based hospital

"We are grateful to have Wayne available for your support. I am sure you are too. Your service turnaround will be wonderfully improved."
- Customer Service Project Manger, Michigan based cart company

"Please assign the work to VM. They are familiar with our site and our equipment, and have always done a magnificent job."
​- IS Team Lead, Illinois based hospital

"Got the carts, everything looks great! I am really impressed."
- IS Manager, Houston based Hospital

"Thanks again for your Customer First attitude! VM is a valuable asset to us!"
- Manager, Tennessee  based cart manufacturer

"Thanks Wayne. I wish more vendors were as easy to work with as you."
- Purchasing Manger, Minnesota based IT company

"You're a life savior, thanks Wayne."
- Project Manager, Michigan based cart company

"Thank you for sending Wayne out. He was able to look at all the carts for us. Greatly appreciate it."
- IT Technician, Illinois based healthcare organization

"Wayne, it's great doing business with you again. Keep up with the outstanding service! Nicely done."
- HIS Helpdesk Manager, Illinois based hospital

"Whenever there's something with a time crunch I'm glad we can rely on VM. Thanks for doing a great job!"
- Project Manager, Michigan based cart company

"VM is our hero. Thanks to everyone who helped complete the order so quickly."
- Purchasing Manager, Illinois based automation and control solutions company

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What started as a small cable assembly business in a basement quickly expanded into a nationwide sales and service center. VM Electronics LLC has over 30 years of experience in the biomedical engineering field. A family operated business, VM takes pride in its customer service, reliability and quality of work. VM engineers and technicians are always held to the highest standards of quality and performance. VM Electronics is located on the Northside of Chicago in a 20,000 square ft facility and offers sales, service and support to customers throughout the United States.