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Metro Flo 1770, Flo1760 and Flo1750 custom technology trays, DC power solutions, gas cylinders, single and dual wheel casters, front and side worksurface grips, keyboard rail assemblies, monitor mount hinges and more.

Power supplies and batteries such as MPS4009, MPS4007, MPS4002, MPS3111, MPE7800, HC150SL, HC150LVR, HC350SNR, HC350S 

Capsa Rubbermaid M38 plastic covers, IEC cables, worksurfaces, dual wheel casters, lift cables, control panels and more. 

​Enovate EMC cart worksurfaces, handles, gas cylinders, single wheel casters, bases, membranes, monitor poles and more. 

Humanscale T5 gas cylinders, outlet covers, single and dual wheel casters, foot pedals and more.


mobile cart parts

computer accessories

power supplies

Hospital grade power cords 


computer accessories

VM Electronics provides computer accessories to make sure your mobile carts can be easily integrated with your technology. VM stocks items such as DC monitors, scanners, converters and more. 

cart parts

VM Electronics has an extensive inventory of charting cart parts. With our many years of onsite service experience and large selection of parts, VM will find exactly what you are looking for. 


VM Electronics has been providing medical facilities with batteries for over 30 years. VM has a large inventory of Lithium Phosphate (LiFe) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), and Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.