Power Supplies

The experienced engineers at VM Electronics have the ability to repair and upgrade your current power supplies. VM power supply repairs are backed by warranties and free technical support.


MPS 4002

Metro Flo 1750 Workstation
Lithium (Li-Ion) or Nickel Metal Hydride

MPS 4007

Metro Flo 1770, Flo 1760 and Flo 1750
Lithium Nano Phosphate

MPS 4009

Metro Flo Access Point, 1770, 1760 and 1750
Lithium Nano or Lithium Phosphate (LiFe)

MPS 4010

TouchPoint Metro Flo Access Point AP
P/N: C13-885, C13-885-09


MPE 7800

Metro Flo 1760 and Flo 1750 Workstations
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Tripp Lite Power Module

HC350, HC350SNR, HC350SR, HC150, HC150LVR, HC150SL

Mounts onto Enovate, Ergotron, Howard, and Rubbermaid Medical Computer Carts

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