Medical Cart Accessories

VM Electronics offers a wide variety of custom medical computer cart accessories. These durable, high quality accessories were developed to make access and storage safe and simple. VM accessories can be easily mounted to most mobile documentation carts or to any wall. Securely place medical tools anywhere with VM engineered accessories.

Medical Cart Drawer Units

Single Drawer
2-Tier Electronic Locking Drawer
4-Tier Electronic Locking Drawer

Medical Cart Scanner Holders

Fixed Wired Scanner Holder
Adjustable Wireless Scanner Holder
Adjustable Wired Scanner Holder

Medical Cart Wire Basket

Pull-out Front Wire Basket
Rear Mount Wire Basket
Vertical Wire Basket

Medical Cart Accessory Holders

Sani-Wipe Holder
Universal Glove Box Holder
Medication Cup Holder

Medical Cart Technology Holders

Horizontal Technology Bay
Vertical Technology Bay
Zebra Printer Holder

Medical Cart Custom Design

Printer Bracket
Dual Monitor Mount

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