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VM Electronics has an extensive inventory of medical cart parts. Our many years of onsite service experience and large selection of mobile workstation parts will find exactly what you are looking for.

Medical Cart Parts

Medical cart parts include wheels, casters, monitor VESA brackets, barcode scanner holders, medical grade power cords, ergonomic keyboard trays, and monitor post with cable management.

Medical Cart Batteries

Medical cart batteries include lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) from Valence, Powersonics, and Inventus, LiFe Interchange batteries from VM Electronics, and lithium nano battery packs from Greencubes Technology.

Medical Cart Power Supplies

Medical cart power supplies include MPS-4002, MPS-4004, MPS-4007, MPS-4010, MPE-7800, and Tripp Lite Power Module.

Medical Cart Accessories

Medical cart accessories include electronic drawer units, non-powered drawer units, barcode scanner holders, wire baskets, technology boxes, accessory holders, and custom design accessories.

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